1. Unspoken Words

  2. Lightship
    Stalingrad Cowboy

  3. Passato, Presente, Nessun Futuro
    Adriano Zanni

  4. Metaphysics of Entropy

  5. Collectable Items
    My Dear Killer

  6. The Cold Plan
    My Dear Killer

  7. The Electric Dragon of Venus
    My Dear Killer

  8. Clinical Shyness
    My Dear Killer

  9. Shallow Nothingness In Molten Skies

  10. Dancing Marna
    My Dear Killer & The Cricket on The Radio

  11. Sopra il Tetto Sotto Terra

  12. First Metheoretical Bulletin
    Sad Cambodia

  13. Quadrature
    A. Novellino, Drekka, S. Balestrazzi, E. Mazzon

  14. Blind Tarots
    My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri / Modern Day Monks

  15. Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed

  16. Lullabies for Earlybirds
    My Dear Killer

  17. The Great Dark Nothingness

  18. Canzoni Tutte Uguali

  19. Crash Tape #10
    Simon Balestrazzi/Uncodified

  20. Canzoni In Silenzio
    My Dear Killer/Bob Corn

  21. In Case We'll Meet
    A Finnish Contact

  22. Clinical Shyness. Anniversary Edition
    My Dear Killer

  23. Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers
    Empty Vessel Music, Apash Twenty Twelve, Magnetic Poetry

  24. I Am Vertical
    The Frozen Fracture/Morose/Buio Omega

  25. Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 1

  26. Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 2
    Mr60/The Frozen Fracture

  27. Collezionando Vuoti a Perdere

  28. Ten Years Of Secret Mixtapes

  29. Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 3
    My Dear Killer/Tettu Mortu

  30. Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 4

  31. Collected Wreckages
    The Dutch Courage

  32. The Baijkal
    My Shell

  33. Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 5
    Empty Vessel Music/Konstazengraff

  34. More Tapes Kept Under My Bed

  35. Broken Keyboards Kept Under My Bed
    Anniversary Edition

  36. The Calendar
    Sparkle in Grey

  37. Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion
    The Frozen Fracture

  38. Like Lamps On By Day
    Stefano DePonti

  39. Washing in Dirty Water
    Acid Jack Flashed


Under My Bed Recordings Vergiate, Italy

Under My Bed Recordings, is a No-Profit label based in Milan (Italy), founded in 2001, dedicated to home-recording productions. For us, do-it-yourself is a choice and an attitude, not a budget limitation. Hence, we preferentially produce minimalist folk, pop and, more rarely, electronic acts. We prefer to listen to Fe-magnetic supports, but anything else would be simply fine. We love tapes indeed ... more

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